My Dear Friend Linda!

I wanted to make a post about a dear friend of mine. Her name is Linda and she is the sweetest lady I have ever met. Linda is the one who convinced me I should create a shop on Etsy to sell my Soy candles. She also has a shop of her own. I encourage all of you to take a peak at her shop: Linda creates the most beautiful gemstone jewelry I have ever seen. I have quite a few of her pieces and I have to show you all my most favorite piece yet!

This piece is called Spring Beauty. She began with PCM clay flattened and torn and embossed with a fancy feathery swirl. The sterling is then fired, brushed and polished, then oxidized with a patina to create the worn dimensional piece. The piece polished again and a second coat of patina to deepen the color. The drop is soft and clear AAA Lemon Quartz gemstone. The gemstones above the pendant are AAA Green Amethyst and AAA Chrome Diopside. Once I saw this necklace I knew I just had to have it, not to mention I am a sucker for green. Linda puts so much of her heart in everything she does, every piece comes out just perfect. She has also just started to make Himalayan Bath Salts! Check out her other shop here:

Not only is Linda a brilliant artist she is so bright and cheerful to be around. Linda is the type of person who would bend over backwards and help you in any way she could. Linda has the type of personality that could light up any room she walks into.

Thank you for being such a great friend Linda. Hang in there and I hope Mike is on the fast road to recovering!


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  1. I dozed off for a much needed rest. I forgot to turn my “dinger” off so I was notified right away of this post! Wow Allison, this post is just like the perfect sunshine you bring into my day! I enjoy how we have so much fun in talking to each other about our hobbies but most of all becoming such good friends! It’s amazing how in tune you are in understanding people and their feelings too! But, that shouldn’t be a surprise as you can see she too has great love for her family too!
    Thanks for your encouragement about Michael! It’s so hard to see people you love hurt and suffering! Whenever anyone calls or sends a note I let him know and it lifts his spirits too!
    Thank you so much dear! This was really kind of you and I really appreciated and enjoyed this!
    Well, guess I’ll light one of candles and feel like we’re visiting!
    Thanks again,

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