Hello! Welcome to my new blog

At first I was using Blogspot but decided I like this layout much more! It seems I can do a lot more with the options WordPress gives and so far I enjoy it!

I am pretty new to blogging so I am just getting the first post going. Feel free to take a look in the A Note About Me tab for a little more information. I cannot wait to get started and have you all read whatever may pop in my mind for that day or if I find something inspiring worth sharing!

Come back soon for future posts and until then feel free to check out my favorite thing to do in my spare time! www.inspiredillumination.etsy.com



  1. Welcome Allison! Blogging is so fun!
    Oh, by the way, take it from me, I have Allison’s candles throughout my house! They are a wonderful aromatic gift for yourself, and especially treasured when giving as a gift! To others! What a delight to burn so long and very clean! Enjoy writing away! I look forward to your posts!

    • Thanks Linda! I look forward to blogging!
      You are so sweet with your comments! I am subscribing to your blog right now!!

  2. Congrats on your new blog!

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