Mary Kay + Discount!

So last month I decided since I love Mary Kay products so much then why not sell them? I signed up to be an independent beauty consultant and havent looked back since! Once in awhile I will be offering discounts and my own personal product reviews for everyone to enjoy.

Today I want to emphasize one of my all time favorites and that is the Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color. I have had the hardest time finding an eye shadow that lasts throughout the day. Not only does their mineral eye color last all day and into the night but I have also found that it does not crease! Another issue I have since my eyes get so oily throughout the day. Three of my favorites to pair are crystalline for your lid and right below your eye brow, almond for your crease and sweet plum for the corner of your eyes as well as underneath. These three colors make for a bold statement but perfect for either day or night. I have gotten many compliments and questions on where I buy my makeup when I wear these three colors.

I would love to offer my readers a discount on Mary Kay products so here is 15% off any orders when you mention “blog” in the comments section of your order. When you place your order I will take off the 15% before your card is charged and add tax. Please remember any orders of $50 or over receive free shipping as well!! As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have and contact me through my site: If you would like the opportunity to earn free products you can contact me regarding hosting an online party too!

And as always I love passing the Mary Kay business onto others looking to make a living selling the products they love at their convenience so feel free to ask how!

I look forward to hearing from you all!



Back in the Game!

Well it has been quite awhile since I last visited my blog. I am going to try and update this more often! To get everyone caught up on everything that has been happening I am going to post all of my life events up until now!

We will start with me getting married last September…

I met my husband at work and always knew he was going to be the one for me. There was just something about him and I just had to find out more. I decided to ask him out on a date and we went to a local pizza joint after work one night. The date ended terrible. It was awkward and we were both really nervous, I did not think it would end up working out. He decided to give it a second chance and ask me out on a second date. Of course I said yes, in the back of my mind hoping it would be a lot better than the first one otherwise we are doomed. We decided to have a little more fun on this date and went to dinner and then ice skating. It was this date that I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him. We had a riot.

Just about two years later, he proposed to me on that very same ice rink. About 10 months later we got married at a very nice country club with the reception to follow. Here are some pictures of the best day of my life.

Outside the Country Club:


The Room:


The Cake:


The Kiss:


The Groom:


That’s all for now, until next time!! A lot sooner than 2 years from now, I promise!!

Why Choose Soy Wax Candles?

When buying a candle it is very important to know what it is made out of and what potentially you will be inhaling when it is burning. Below are a few reasons and benefits on why I use only 100% Soy Wax for making my candles:

Soy wax is 100% vegetable by-product and not a petroleum by-product. Soy is completely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and soy candles produce little or no soot to damage the surrounding room or to those with allergies or breathing problems. Soy wax is environmentally safe, biodegradable, water-soluble  and is easily cleaned up with just soap and water.

Help the farmers and everyone benefits. Soy beans are grown in American fields, and processed into soy wax in the US as well. This is one of the most important benefits of soy candles!

Soy candles burn cleanly and evenly leaving very little to zero excess wax on the sides of the jar to eliminate waste. They also burn cooler than most paraffin wax candles which will lessen the risk of serious burns from melted wax. Soy also burns 30 to 50 percent longer than paraffin wax candles which makes them more economical to use and will give you twice the candle!

When it’s said that a candle scent “throws well”, this means it fills the room with a strong, lasting scent. Soy wax candles not only have a great scent throw, but also have a cleaner smell. It’s been noted by many that paraffin wax will give them headaches. Of course it’s not the scent itself, but the additional chemicals the paraffin is putting off. Because soy burns so clean, you’ll get a cleaner scent as well.

A few reasons why I do not choose Paraffin Based Wax:

Petroleum smoke/exhaust contains many carcinogenic toxins and produces ugly black soot, Petroleum is not a renewable resource and it is of a limited supply, Burning petroleum products creates air pollution and contributes to global warming.

Paraffin candles contain up to 11 carcinogenic compounds. These 11 compounds have been deemed ‘toxic air contaminants’ by the State of California.

Health hazards are being created when paraffin (petroleum-based wax) is mixed with synthetic fragrance. Health problems have been more evident in the past five or so years due to the increase in popularity of highly scented paraffin candles.

So next time when deciding which candle to buy, make sure it is safe, healthy and you are getting the most for your money. 

My Dear Friend Linda!

I wanted to make a post about a dear friend of mine. Her name is Linda and she is the sweetest lady I have ever met. Linda is the one who convinced me I should create a shop on Etsy to sell my Soy candles. She also has a shop of her own. I encourage all of you to take a peak at her shop: Linda creates the most beautiful gemstone jewelry I have ever seen. I have quite a few of her pieces and I have to show you all my most favorite piece yet!

This piece is called Spring Beauty. She began with PCM clay flattened and torn and embossed with a fancy feathery swirl. The sterling is then fired, brushed and polished, then oxidized with a patina to create the worn dimensional piece. The piece polished again and a second coat of patina to deepen the color. The drop is soft and clear AAA Lemon Quartz gemstone. The gemstones above the pendant are AAA Green Amethyst and AAA Chrome Diopside. Once I saw this necklace I knew I just had to have it, not to mention I am a sucker for green. Linda puts so much of her heart in everything she does, every piece comes out just perfect. She has also just started to make Himalayan Bath Salts! Check out her other shop here:

Not only is Linda a brilliant artist she is so bright and cheerful to be around. Linda is the type of person who would bend over backwards and help you in any way she could. Linda has the type of personality that could light up any room she walks into.

Thank you for being such a great friend Linda. Hang in there and I hope Mike is on the fast road to recovering!

My Niece & Nephew

I have been thinking a lot lately about my family who had to move to Colorado. I miss them very much. My brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew and another nephew on the way had to move out there because my brother was transferred for his job. It is for the better for them so that makes me happy but they are always on my mind. My brother Jimmy and I have been really close growing up, but how time flies. He now has a 2-year-old son to die for (Kenny) as well as a really beautiful 1-year-old daughter (Sophie). I love watching them grow up and getting all of the emails hearing what they have learned and how Sophie knows how to say tractor when I remember Kenny just beginning to say it. Jimmy came home in April and decided to surprise us and bring all of them along and it was a wonderful time. I loved seeing everyone and playing with the kids. Ellen sends us pictures that are so cute of them out there. Kenny is now wanting to help his daddy work on his truck and mow the lawn just like Jimmy did when he was a little boy. They are growing so fast. I am a very proud Auntie and wanted to share how adorable they are! Miss you guys!!


Hello! Welcome to my new blog

At first I was using Blogspot but decided I like this layout much more! It seems I can do a lot more with the options WordPress gives and so far I enjoy it!

I am pretty new to blogging so I am just getting the first post going. Feel free to take a look in the A Note About Me tab for a little more information. I cannot wait to get started and have you all read whatever may pop in my mind for that day or if I find something inspiring worth sharing!

Come back soon for future posts and until then feel free to check out my favorite thing to do in my spare time!